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  • How do I become a virtual client?
    We would be honored to treat your skin. We proudly service virtual clients anywhere in the U.S. as well as globally, all over the world. Simply book on my vagaro page linked here. There is no cost due at the time of booking.
  • How does the virtual client process work?
    All virtual clients first meet with Quinn, Tara's Assistant. She will fill out your Client Intake Form, an in-depth medical, skin and environmental questionnaire, over a 20-30 minute FaceTime. Tara will be with you 2-3 weeks maximum from the Sunday of the week you met with Quinn to prescribe your routine & guide you through the rest of your journey. This gives us the time we need to service the virtual clients before you - everyone is treated with the same love, care and attention. We encourage clients to book the soonest available on the calendar; we will contact you in at least 48 hours from your appointment to find a time that works. Please note that this means that the date and time you book on Vagaro may not be the time of your appointment. This is due to time zone discrepancies - we may already be booked depending on your time zone, the conversion to Quinn's timezone and other variable factors. Think of your booking as a placeholder that puts you on our books. Please rest assured that everyone is taken care of in the order of appointments received and we will schedule with you via text.
  • I live outside the United States - can I become a virtual client?
    Absolutely. We can treat your skin no matter where you are in the world. However, please note the following important information. In order to become a virtual client of Tara's, you must be able to purchase your prescribed skincare products using a major credit or debit card and/or PayPal or Venmo. At this time we cannot use IBAN numbers to transfer the money for your client fee and skincare products. Additionally, you must be able to receive packages to a mailing address or P.O. Box from the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you are not familiar with USPS or you know that delivery will not be successful using USPS, please contact Quinn or Tara as soon as possible so that we can arrange alternative shipping from UPS or Fedex. Clients are responsible for the cost of shipping and the relevant customs fees no matter the postal carrier. Finally, you must be able to communicate with both Quinn and Tara using a cellphone number, whether it is iMessage or SMS texting. We cannot at this time provide virtual client services to those who communicate exclusively using What'sApp and/or email. This may change in the future as our process and team expand.
  • How do I keep in touch about my progress as a virtual client?
    Communication is everything to ensuring your results. Consistency across the routine as well as implementing recommended actions is critical. Please send progrsss pictures directly to Tara’s phone number every 2 weeks, or more often if instructed/inclined.
  • How much does it cost to become a virtual client?
    We use an intentional, results-based approach to prescribing product to our clients. Each step, product and ingredient plays synergistically on the last. Because everyone’s skin is so unique, a starting routine costs typically vary from $400 to $500. After the initial purchase of your prescribed routine, products will only be restocked one to a few at a time as they get low. In addition to the price of your routine, there is a $100 virtual client fee that is charged at the time of your Client Intake Meeting with Quinn, Tara's assistant - this one-time fee is for Tara's time, the routine building itself and the duration of Tara's time + ongoing care for you as your Virtual Esthetician. This is a lifetime client fee that you will not be charged again.
  • How often should I expect to reorder my products?
    Each products varies in size, so products typically need to be restocked one to a few at a time. Some products last about two months, others three - some even longer at six months or more.
  • What if I don't know what to buy for my skin?
    Simple- book a service with us! We will examine, treat, and make product recommendations for you, based exclusively on you and your skin. We go over every single detail of your skin, history, habits and lifestyle to ensure you have a protocol that will work for you. For clients on our Client Waitlist wishing to be seen in person - please note that at this time Tara's books are closed. However, Rachel's books are open - Rachel is an ABT employee who performs all the same services as Tara with her own healing touch and magic. Think of her as an extension of Tara's mind and hands. We are also happy to book a virtual appointment with you to start you in the right direction, until we are able to see you in the spa.
  • I am on Tara's waitlist to be seen in person - when can I become an in-person client of Tara's?
    Due to extremely high demand, Tara's books are currently closed and the waitlist is long. Our suggestion would be to become a virtual client so Tara can get your skin on the right path from afar - we often find that clients meet all of their skin goals from prescribed homecare product alone. In general we consider a prescriptive skincare routine absolutely essential for clearing acne, fading scaring, etc. while in-person treatments are an added bonus. All of Tara's in-person clients are on a homecare routine from Tara. However, if in-person treatments are what you are craving, we recommend that you book with Rachel Houle, an ABT service provider and an extension of Tara's hands, to achieve your treatment-room goals.
  • I did my client intake meeting and I’m waiting to hear from Tara, but my current products are running out: what should I do?
    The answer to this question of course depends on your current skin condition and your goals, so it is hard to say precisely. However, in circumstances like these we like to guide clients towards their gut feeling. Is your intuition that the current routine is doing more harm than good? If so, we recommend stripping down the routine to the bread and butter of skincare - a simple cleanser, moisturizer and SPF. The best place be in to start a routine is with skin that is in a state of homeostasis, whether or not there is acne, scarring or pigment present. Heal the barrier, then treat the concern. Knowing that your investment in a skincare routine from Tara is around the corner, make an intentional choice about how to get by until your new routine is on its way to you.
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