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Vivant Skin Care Cleansing Milk Gentle Non-Drying Cleanser


Size: 4 fl oz

Skin Type: Recommended for very Dry to Dry combination.

Ideal for: Sensitive, rosacea inflamed, mature, infant or post-surgical skin.

Vivant Skin Care Cleansing Milk

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  • Vivant Cleansing Milk Gentle Non-Drying Cleanser 

    This extremely gentle, luxuriantly creamy, moisture rich formula dissolves oil, removes dirt and residue, and leaves skin feeling soothed, supple and radiantly clean. Rosacea Safe.


    What You’ll See

    Reduced inflammation and dryness.

    What You’ll Feel

    Softer, more hydrated skin with improved elasticity and strengthened skin barrier. 

    What You Should Know

    Cleansing Milk is gentle enough for use on baby’s skin.

    Hydrating, non-comedogenic cream formula cleanses without feeling heavy or greasy.


    Regimen Step: One

    Frequency: Twice daily - AM and PM

    Method: Shake well before use. Work into a lather and massage in a gentle, circular motion. May be used on face and body.

    Pro tips: 

    For makeup removal, apply Cleansing Milk to a cotton pad, wipe away makeup, and rinse. 

    Mix with Vivant’s Buffing Grains for a gentle exfoliating cleanse. 


    Key Ingredients: 

    Grape Seed Oil: A hydrating agent

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